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    What is LASIK?

    The most popular laser eye surgery for treating myopia, hyperopia and astigmatism is laser-assisted in situ keratomileusis or LASIK.

    As a refractive procedure, LASIK is particularly effective at improving vision by precisely focusing light entering the eye onto the retina by altering the cornea's curve.

    The Ranchhodrai Eye Hospital in Ahmedabad provides Lasik eye surgery in Ahmedabad using state-of-the-art equipment and recent laser technologies.


    Why should you opt for LASIK eye surgery ?

    Consider making changes to the life you have been living so far. Ranchhodrai Eye Hospital offers the best LASIK surgery in Ahmedabad because we well comprehend the hassle that wearing glasses or contacts causes and the debilitating impact it has on your daily life.

    So why not choose a simple process that is safe, well-established, and relied upon by millions of people worldwide and take advantage of the freedom from inconvenience? Indeed, we're talking about LASIK, a safer method of correcting vision. With a short recovery time and little or no pain after the treatment, it is indeed quite easy and secures to acquire the corrected eyesight you had hoped for.

    Do You Qualify for LASIK

    As every eye is different, it is crucial to implement strict screening processes to prevent problems and reduce risk factors, no matter how uncommon they may be.

    Some general guidelines are:

    Lasik Eye Surgery in Ahmedabad



    18 year or older.

    Pregnant or Lactating The hormone levels may change the shape of your eye. It is best to wait till hormone levels return to pre-pregnant/ pre-lactational levels

    Have experienced a stable vision for at least a year ( prescription change of less than 0.50 D).

    Suffering from Glaucoma, Cataract, Keratoconus, and Other corneal disorders.

    With adequate corneal

    thickness ( we check this when you come for a checkup)

    Suffering from any systemic illness such as Rheumatoid Arthritis, Sjögrens Syndrome, Systemic Lupus Erythematosus, Diabetes,Hormonal disorders,etc

    Pre Operative Assessment

    The following pre-operative tests would then be performed by our ophthalmic doctors, who provide the best LASIK surgery in Ahmedabad, to verify and confirm your eligibility for the LASIK operation.

    • Refraction
    • Corneal tomography by Pentacam which measures Anterior and posterior corneal contour,Corneal Pachymetry,Anterior chamber depth and Pupil diameter
    • Wavefront aberrometry by OPD Scan iii(Wavefront aberrometer)
    • Wetness in the eyes
    • Related systemic examination
    Lasik Surgery in Ahmedabad
    Several LASIK vision correction techniques are carried out by our skilled Refractive surgeons at Ranchhodrai Eye Hospital, the famous facility for laser eye surgery in Ahmedabad.At Ranchhodrai Eye Hospital, ethical eye care has been our driving force; Your safety and comfort are always our priorities.
    With over 22 years of experience in LASIK & refractive surgery and approximately over 10,000 LASIK surgeries till now, we are ranked amongst the Best Eye Hospital for LASIK Surgery in Ahmedabad.
    Our Excellent and Expert team of refractive surgeons will help you in making the best and safest option to improve your vision.
    It would also be appropriate to mention that Ranchhodrai Eye Hospital in Ahmedabad provides therapy at the lowest cost for laser eye surgery at this time.

    Wavefront Guided Lasik

    Being known for providing excellent LASIK outcomes in Ahmedabad, we consistently use the best technologies. One of the most recent innovations, Wavefront Guided LASIK also known as Custom LASIK is more efficient than traditional LASIK.

    Wavefront-guided (WFG) LASIK is a variation of the surgery in which the excimer laser is instructed to ablate a sophisticated pattern based on measurements from an aberrometer.

    Wavefront aberrometer creates a three-dimensional (3 D) image of your eye, measuring exactly how light enters the cornea and travels to the retina. With the use of this data Wavefront guided LASIK precisely attempts to correct all higher-order aberrations upto level 7, in addition to myopia, hyperopia,and astigmatism

    This is distinct from 3 other basic types of excimer laser treatment profiles: conventional, wavefront optimized, and topography guided(Contoura vision).

    Benefits of Wavefront Guided LASIK

    The likelihood of obtaining 20/20 vision is fairly high.

    Night vision problems such as Glare, Halos, Starbursts have been largely eliminated.

    Regarding contrast sensitivity, the visual quality attained is excellent.

    Treatment options exist for both lower and higher-order aberrations.

    It Can result in “high-definition” vision, as it corrects visual errors that glasses, contact lenses, and conventional LASIK simply cannot.

    Allows many patients who would not have been suitable candidates for conventional LASIK to undergo the procedure.

    Represents the state of the art in laser vision correction.

    LASIK treatment with the cutting edge technology


    The Nidek EC-5000 CXIII Excimer Laser System is a world class ophthalmic laser system for refractive surgery of the cornea designed to correct the vision of subjects by reshaping the cornea by excimer laser in a variety of refractive errors (myopia, myopic astigmatism, hyperopia, and hyperopic astigmatism).

    Lasik Surgery in Ahmedabad

    Moria Microkeratome

    Moria mikrokeratome is a device used in LASIK surgery, for eliminating refractive errors (myopia, hyperopia, astigmatism). In fact this is the instrument, used by a refractive surgeon, to create the corneal flap (membrane), which is lifted right before the refractive correction with the excimer laser ablation. Moria microkeratome, a convenient, safe and accurate microkeratome system.Moria mikrokeratome is a device used in LASIK surgery, for eliminating refractive errors (myopia, hyperopia, astigmatism). In fact this is the instrument, used by a refractive surgeon, to create the corneal flap (membrane), which is lifted right before the refractive correction with the excimer laser ablation.Moria microkeratome, a convenient, safe and accurate microkeratome system.

    OPD- Scan iii

    OPD- Scan iii from NIDEK is an autorefractor, keratometer, pupillometer (up to 9.5mm), corneal topographer, and integrated wavefront aberrometer. The OPD-Scan III completes 20 diagnostic metrics in less than 10 seconds per eye (including angle kappa, Higher Order Aberrations, average pupil power, RMS value, and point spread function). Wavefront aberrometer creates a three-dimensional image of your eye, measuring exactly how light enters the cornea and travels to the retina. With the use of this data Wavefront guided LASIK precisely attempts to correct all higher-order aberrations upto level 7, in addition to myopia, hyperopia, and astigmatism.


    Pentacam HR from Oculus,Germany is based on Scheimpflug imaging and utilises elevation based system.This device offers genuine information about both the anterior and posterior surface of cornea and hence is referred to as “Corneal tomography “system.Pentacam captures 50 scans in two seconds with 2760 ture elevation points per scan and 1,38,000 true elevation points covering entire surface of cornea.It precisely estimates the details of anterior and posterior corneal contour,Pachymetry,Anterior chamber depth and pupil diameter.This data is very importance as surgeon uses this data to decide whether perticular patient is fit for LASIK or not.


    Auto-refractometer from NIDEK is an instrument that helps in the automated assessment of refraction. This is an alternative method of finding out the refraction error in contrast to the conventional refractive technique.

    Optical Coherence Tomography(OCT)

    The Optovue OCT embodies the latest technology in retinal, optic nerve and anterior segment OCT imaging to deliver unprecedented views and in-depth analysis of ocular structures.It is used to see the health of optic nerve and macula before cataract surgery.


    A Keratometer is a diagnostic instrument used for measuring the curvature of the anterior surface of the cornea, which also helps to assess the amount and axis of astigmatism.This measured value of the corneal curvature helps in determining the power of the IOL in cataract surgery.

    A scan

    A Scan from Biomedix is used to determine Axial length of the eye which helps in determining the power of iol in cataract surgery.


    An intraocular lens (IOL) is a clear, artificial lens implant used to replace a cloudy natural lens in cataract surgery.

    Cataract Removal

    Through a tiny incision, the surgeon removes your clouded lens.

    Lens Insertion

    The surgeon replaces your original lens with a new, artificial lens.

    Vision Renewed

    With a new lens, you can be free from cataracts.

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    What is the cost of LASIK at Ranchhodrai Eye Hospital?

    LASIK eye surgery cost in Ahmedabad would depend upon the type of your refractive error and the best and safest procedure (standard LASIK,Wavefront Guided

    How the LASIK procedure is been carried out?

    To make it easier for the corneal flap to realign after surgery, markings are placed in the eyes after anaesthetic eye drops have been used to numb the eyes. A thin flap

    How long does
    LASIK procedure

    The actual procedure usually takes less than 10 minutes per eye. Depending on the amount of correction needed, the laser itself only takes 20-50 seconds to correct your vision. In most cases,

    What Post operative care to be taken after LASIK eye surgery?

    After the procedure is over, you should rest for some time. It's typical to have some slight burning or itching right away after the surgery.

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